What is a good source for information on Stucco performance guidelines?

The book Titled “California Building Performance Guidelines” addresses many of these issues. California Building Performance Guidelines for Residential Construction and Homeowner Maintenance Guide, 2006 Edition; written by: David E. MacLellan with George E. Wolfson, AIA; published by: MacLellan Media, Inc. 2006

What manuals and reference books are available for applying stucco?

  • Portland Cement Plaster Stucco Resource Guide, published by: Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau
  • Portland Cement Plaster Stucco Manual, written by: John M. Melander, James A. Farney, and Albert W. Isberner, Jr.; published by: Portland Cement Association, 2004
  • Plaster and Drywall Systems Manual, written by: J.R. Gorman, Sam Jaffe, Walter F. Pruter, and James J. Rose; published by BNI Books, Division of Building News, Inc., 1988